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June 02 2017


May 04 2017

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April 30 2017

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A new food trend is rocking Instagram right now and we just can’t stop looking at it! Say hello to mermaid toast.

Started by a food stylist named Adeline Waugh, the trend is seriously going to brighten up your mornings. Who doesn’t like good looking food after all? “My goal is to take healthy food and make it fun and exciting, brightening it up with a few (or many) pops of color,” Waugh told Vogue. All she does is mixes cream cheese with spirulina powder for blue and chlorophyll drops for green - and voila! A delicious and good-looking breakfast. You can also make different colored toast by using beet juice for pink, turmeric root for yellow and orange or freeze-dried blueberry powder for purple. You can find the mermaid toast recipe on Adeline Waugh’s blog. (Source)


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Bywam tylko przesadnie bezczelny, jak każdy nieśmiały człowiek
— Hłasko
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